NANO2 MINI FP – Air Purification for Pet Owners

Pets2We love our pets but not their odors or their dander.

The NANO2 MINI FP removes pet odors from your home, without using chemicals that can release harmful VOCs and leave their own smell. The NCCO reactor in the NANO2 MINI FP breaks down VOCs, especially sulfur-containing and nitrogen containing compounds found in pet urine and feces, eliminating odors. It also filters fleas, pet dander and other parasites that can cause allergic reactions and damage to respiratory systems.

The NANO2 MINI FP is small but mighty.  It is designed for use in small spaces (up to 215 square feet) such as a mud room or your pet’s sleeping or litter area.  It is available in two attractive colours to compliment your decor.

The Specs

Model:   PSA
Power Supply:  AC110V
Power Consumption:  27 – 5.2W
Dimensions:  156 (L) x 158 (W) x 176 (H) mm
Weight:  1.235 kg
3 Stage Treatment System:  1-Active Oxygen Generator, 2-Static Filter, 3-NCCO Reactor