AVRO2 – Commercial Air Quality Excellence

Full Avro2 1200pxThe AVRO2 is designed to address the high VOC and high capacity requirements of commercial large open spaces or high traffic environments.  It is easy to install and maintain and has convenient remote control.Using a 3 stage filtration system and the patented NCCO multi-stage air purification process, the AVRO2 is a ceiling (hidden ceiling) or wall mount unit that will address the air purification requirements of high VOC environments such as offices, factories, public restrooms, shopping malls and much more.

The AVRO2 has multiple settings for various levels of purification, including automatic and manual settings, to better manage your unique air purification requirements. The intelligent air regeneration mode, together with user-friendly design and easy operation, enables smart operation adjustment (based on selected room size) during the air regeneration process.


The AVRO2:

  • Removes odors, VOCs and harmful/carcinogenic substances
  • Removes bacteria and viruses
  • Removes particulate matter such as PM10 and PM2.5